Dungeon Nightmares




Nightmares in a dark dungeon


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Dungeon Nightmares is a first person terror game where you will control a person who suffers from horrible nightmares every night, as he is taken to a dark dungeon where he is never alone.

While you are in the randomly-generated dungeons, you can investigate all of the corridors and interact with different elements, like coffers or doors. In addition, you can use objects like candles to try to illuminate the darkest rooms as you search for the artifact that will allow you to leave.

The problem is that you are never alone in the dungeons. The number and variety of scares that you will encounter during the Dungeon Nightmares adventure will keep you constantly tense. Sometimes, when you least expect it, something will make you jump out of your chair. The best thing about it is that, as everything is randomly generated, you never know when to expect a scare.

Dungeon Nightmare is an outstanding terror game. Don't be fooled by the fact that the game is free, as this is a long, complex game that will give more than one player a heart attack.
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